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About Transylvanian Wonders

Transylvanian Wonders is a tour agency founded by a number of young people with more than a decade of experience in tourism industry.


Whom better then locals can help you to understand the new places you’re visiting? We are all born in Romania and we know our country and its history by heart.


Our tour guides are born in Transylvania so whom better than them can tell you  the real  story about the famous Count Dracula and not only. Romania has more than 200 castles and medieval fortresses , 126 of them located in Transylvania alone. There is no doubt that Castle Bran is the most famous, and is worth visited, but with other castles like Hunedoara, Corvin’s Castle , Banffy Castle, etc ,there is a lot to discover. We have one of te most beautiful castles in Europe built not a long ago by the Royal family : Peles Castle. We have this beautiful   Saxon medieval cities  like Brasov , Sibiu ,  Sighisoara  ( the birth place of the most famous vampire in the world) , Cluj- Napoca and many  more.


We have tour guides born in Moldavia, the land of brave kings that stood up against the Ottoman army for centuries. Whom better than them can tell you the real story about the act of bravery of the kings , about the beautiful monasteries commissioned by the kings in their life time , spread across the land from down south, by the Black Sea,  to the north on the border with the Russian empire. From all the monasteries built here from the 11th to the 18th century there is  one that stands out : VORONET MONASTERY, decorated with frescos from the outside as well as from the inside , the blue used here is comparable with Michelangelo’s blue color from the Last judgment inside the Sistine Chapel in Vatican/Rome.


We have tour guides born in Vallahia , southern part of Romania today, the land where King Dracula ruled for about 7 years in three different periods of time . Today is known for the city capital , which is also Romania’s city capital today, Bucharest. A city full of mistery , named in the 1920’s and 1930’s the little Paris, today is hosting the biggest building in Europe and the second biggest building in the world after Pentagon from the US, being the only two buildings visible from the moon. Its soil is perfect for growing grapes so there are a number of vineyards producing excellent  wine  . The one that  in   Prahova Valley are probably the most important ones like  Ceptura.

Bottom line: leave yourselves in our hand and will create the perfect vacation and memories for you in a place still to be discovered: the beautiful ROMANIA.